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Episode 10 - Reboots, Remakes, and Recycled Content

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In podcast episode 10, "Reboots, Remakes, and Recycled Content," Kirk and Jeff discuss the process of relaunching, recreating, and repeating this process over to maximize the most engagement. Suppose you launch a product in the United States, for instance. In that case, that has the same message, channel, content, the same product that is then released to another country will also do well because all of the core marketing elements are aligned except the audience. Applying this concept to social media marketing is a matter of finding the proper dressing for each platform. Each channel is adjusted for a different mindset focus from a cognitive standpoint. Often, we are focused on positioning our products on the internet to get the most impressions and views, but it is essential to understand what our customers want and what they are doing in reality. Once we recognize their needs and not what we think they need, or thinking of each component "content, channel, audience" independently, we will reach more audiences and get higher engagement rates. 

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