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Episode 9 - Day Drinking with a little Business and Bourbon

cognition cognitive communications consistency consumer creativity creator engagement entrepreneur growth guest speaker hard work lessons podcast start up tips May 03, 2021

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In podcast episode 9, "Day Drinking with a little Business and Bourbon," Kirk, Jeff, and the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Ronnell Richards, discuss crucial tips on start-up businesses. Ronnell Richard begins by explaining his great start-up story that took decades of hard work and dedication.

The lessons that came from today's podcast are very crucial that can be applied to your own business. When it comes to being a creator, you must be careful with the type of content you engage with in your environment on a day-to-day. What you consume is what you project, and having too many sources can confuse your message and transparency to your audience. The content you engage with, according to Ronnell Richards, is what should be helping you learn and grow. Learning is the first step to applying to actual-world application. Watch more of this podcast to find out more.

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