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Happy Thanksgiving! That means Kirk and Jeff celebrate with candy or known as the "Bounty Feast." Like Holidays, people who celebrate across the world have one commonality with one another. Similarly, those who have the same common sense do not come from the same background as to how the USA is closest to Britain in terms of having the same understanding but have many cultural and social differences. Kirk and Jeff use their "Bounty Feast" to explain these cultural differences by taste testing and comparing candy from different parts of the world.

Food companies have vastly different business models compared to Britain's. While the USA designs candy to make you least satisfied so you eat and purchase more, British candy is the opposite, tasting more "savory" like a strong "treat". Why does England Food taste so different? The answer lies in the colonialization of America and how different our mindsets originate compared to other parts of the world. We "take" resources and build to earn gold, like sugar and tobacco. Why is our communication different, and why does New England have a dialect?  Watch the full video for more information!

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