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Chapter 14 - The Speaking Tools You Need

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Why do pilots speak the same? That is because they follow similar five P's, or the tools of speaking. In podcast Episode 14, "The Speaking Tools You Need," we discuss the five P's of speaking: pitch, pace, poise, pause, and punch. Pitch can signal multiple different subconscious emotions in others, while the same emotional triggers can happen if you talk at a fast or slow pace. Slow paces cause a severe reaction of your audience, while fast speeds correlate to an upbeat attitude.

We use examples like News Reporters and Political Figures in history that best represent "poise" and "punch," which is how you act a certain way with a mixture of pitch and tone to resemble a type of persona to the audience. Punch relates to drawing emphasis on your words, whether in a positive or negative light, and we watch several successful video examples and explain them to further our effective speaking point. These speaking tools are essential as they are the quickest way to get your audience somewhere you want mentally by mirroring an evocation they already have.   

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