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Episode 16 - Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down Tonight

art authenticity blog cognition cognitive cognitive communications creative creativity dancing painting podcast public speaking youtube Apr 30, 2021

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In podcast episode 16, Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down Tonight, we talk about creativity. Kirk and Jeff begin the conversation discussing art, where Jeff defines it as poetry, writing, painting, dancing, all of which are created to form a story. Using the Renaissance era, they pull examples like Craftsmen by saying they produced art with intention. Art is what is made with purpose, and art is communication, language, or an expression of cognition to some degree. Jeff uses running for secretary as an example to explain his presentation skills as an art. A form of art that tests boundaries for language.

 Kirk and Jeff debate if art is defined by the ones transmitting or the ones receiving? Jeff says that it's both: where the artist creates their intentional message, and the audience interprets the message to which they perceive. They end the podcast by discussing how to release creativity in a non-mundane field. How can you remain professional while also adding creativity to your persona? How can you stay authentic? Your persona will change depending on who you work with, so it is a matter of finding that line between having "spice" and being your true self.


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