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Episode 12 - Branding is Your Story

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In podcast episode 12, "Branding is Your Story," Kirk and Jeff use movies and superhero stories to explain the importance of character development and how they mold stories together. Kirk uses the example from the movie "Now You See Me" to describe the problems of plot twists at the end of a film. Character plot twists throw off your audience if there is no relevance to the change of person. The first act is your story; finding the fine line between including too little information to set the scene to information overload helps your audience interpret and draw conclusions throughout the story, so they are not shocked the end of it all. 

Storytelling is branding and is applied to YouTube, influencers, and businesses. Curating a brand that speaks to transparency is beneficial to you, but if your audience finds out you are not true to your story, your followers will feel betrayed in finding that plot twist to your character. The trick is always honesty, and if your audience is not surprised about the truths you tell them, that is a good sign of your reputation and brand!

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