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Episode 13 Communication on the Interweb

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In podcast episode 13, "Communication on the Interweb," Kirk and Jeff discuss the history of communication and how it has evolved due to the rise of technology. Using the Butcher example in the 1950s to represent how customer service is so vastly different from the internet "boom" from 1997 - 2006, to now how social media gives customers more power to judge which business to follow based on Yelp and reviews. It takes one "Karen" to disrupt the reputation of a business, hence why "cancel culture" is so apparent. How do you not get a "Karen"? It's a matter of presenting your humility and credibility to build trust and relationships with your clients. Finding that happy medium varies among platforms, for instance, LinkedIn versus TikTok, similar yet different veins for your niche. You have to alienate your audience to a different mindset. 

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