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Episode 17 - I've Got 99 Problems and Problem-Solving is Definitely the Worst of Them

cognition cognitive communication creativity education high school musical podcast problem solving process tutorial Apr 29, 2021

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In podcast Episode 17, we discuss problem-solving. Speaking on cognition, the brain needs structure to attach things to, which is the main component to how our brains are wired to solve problems.  Kirk and Jeff use examples from the Pandemic and the education system to explain this problem-solving phenomenon. Educators teach us a "tutorialized process" that other people have already solved in the past, rather than letting students identify problems, solve the issues, and overcome solutions. Like math, we are taught a formula to get a result which inhibits our cognitive and creative freedom. Instead of symptom searching or looking for the solution first, ask yourself five times: why? Why is this occurring? If you can answer yourself five times in different ways, guaranteed you will reshape the architecture in your brain to think more creatively and cognitively. 


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