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Release the Kreative.


The "kreative" is that idea you have, that passion, the thing you want to pursue. 

Everyone is creative, everyone.  We all have that idea that we can't articulate and even if we did, we wouldn't know what we were supposed to do with it.

Jeff and Kirk have been working together (and separately) for over 25 years helping startups, non-profits, corporations, and even Hollywood filmmakers get that idea out and into the world.

Our Story



Jeff and Kirk met in High School, where they became fast friends and intent on creating media. Short films, music videos, commercials, all before the internet made this "cool" or accessible. 

Off to college - Jeff to study video and communications, Kirk to study Film and business - The two entered their respective industries by storm.

Through a list of successes, trials, and growth, Kirk and Jeff rejoined forces officially in 2010 and opened the doors of their agency in 2015.

Armed now with over 20 years of experience each, professional certifications, advanced degrees, and lists of credits to their name, Release the Kreative was born to tell YOUR story

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